As far as I can remember, teaching has always been something that I enjoy. It probably started when I was in Primary 5 (the US equivalent is Grade 5). I was asked to help tutor my friends for Math by the teacher. I wasn't sure how well (or bad) I did then but the experience showed me that teaching could be fun. Additionally, my mom and four of my aunts are teachers so that probably influenced me as well.

Over the years, I have encountered various teachers: great ones, average ones and bad ones. I try to learn the best practices from those great teachers and remind myself never to behave like the bad ones. I think this technique has worked well and I am always constantly trying to improve my teaching skills.

Here are the courses that I have assisted in at UIUC:

  • CS427/428 Software Engineering I & II (Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2012)
  • CS598REJ Object-Oriented Programming and Design (Summer 2007)
  • CS242 Programming Studio (Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007)
  • ECE390 x86 Assembly Programming (Fall 2004, Spring 2005, Fall 2005)